About the guns

For accuracy, strength and style

Kes Spearguns have been in production since 1978. Kes Spearguns caters for the serious Australian and International free diving spearfisherman who requires a speargun for their individual spearfishing needs. Kes Spearguns produce premium quality guns for competition, bluewater hunting or general fish gathering.

The Kes Speargun is ideal for all types of species such as jewfish, kingfish, snapper and bream.

Hand crafted spearguns

Kes Spearguns are the only fully handcrafted, custom built spearguns commercially available. The guns contain no plastic components. They are constructed and laminated with the finest Australian timbers. The laminated stock increases strength without bulkiness or loss of rigidity. The guns are finished with a 2-part penetration epoxy that gives extra strength and a hard wearing finish.

The handles are hand sculptured from timber to give a better feel and a more sure grip, finished with a textured coating. All the components including the mechanism of the guns are supplied by Neptonics Systems.

The spearguns range from 1100mm -1400mm.  The guns are capable of running 2 x16mm (5/8”) bands. The 1400mm blue water has the option of running 2-3 bands. All guns are supplied with 8mm (5/16”) heat treated stainless steel shafts with flopper and pencil points. The shaft is attached to the speargun using 400lb jinki.  A bungie and snap swivel is also provided. Break away set ups can easily be attached to all guns.

A machined out track supports the spear all the way from the mechanism to the front of the gun resulting in great accuracy without the spear getting ‘shaft-whip’. All gun sizes are measured from the mechanism to the tip of the stock.

Kes’s expertise in speargun design and timber finishing combined with premium Neptonics Systems components guarantees that you will have a speargun that you can trust, rely on and hand down through generations.