Introducing the Roam Gun.

The love of spearfishing now takes up most of my life, and I now concentrate on travelling to different parts of the world targeting a particular species of fish. I have been working with Peter Kesby (KES) for the last 7 or so years in gun design and building something universal to suit all blue water hunters. Traveling around the world diving has been a real eye opener for me and I encourage every spearo to get out there and do the same. The people I have met along the way who share the same interests in diving are now some of my best mates.

Over all these years of travelling I have learnt so much about spearfishing, including hunting techniques, rigging set-ups and larger blue water guns.  This has inspired me to design a gun that makes travelling easy.

My travel bag usually consists of 2-3 guns depending on the location which can be quite difficult and expensive with excess baggage fees etc… I wanted a gun that was able to target every fish around the globe.  After many visits  to Peter Kesby, the Roam Gun is now a reality.

The last year of my spearfishing career has been very successful and have been able to land some incredible fish with the Roam Gun. I have put this gun to the test and the results have been amazing.

I named this Gun ‘ROAM’ based on its versatility and potential of being able to travel the globe and spear any fish that may get in the way.

For more information about the Roam Gun can be at: