Mid-handle series

The mid handle guns are purposely designed for the open blue water. The extra long butt makes the gun easier to track the fish and gives you a firm grip for stability when gun is fired. This eliminates any extra recoil that may occur and improves accuracy. The thicker stock allows a 3 rubber to be loaded and more buoyancy when a thicker shaft is installed.

The guns are loaded up with 3 x 5/8″ (16mm) rubbers and double wraps of 400lb jinki. A simple break-away set-up is ready for your preferred floatlines and floats to be attached. The timber is machined out to accommodate all sized shafts. Standard guns are supplied with 72′ 5/16′ (8mm) Hawaiian shafts.

Upgrade guns are supplied with your choice of the 11/32′ (9mm) or 3/8′ (10mm) threaded shafts. A tri-cut or pencil point Mori slip tip are also supplied with your desired choice.


*UPGRADE – AUD $1125

Stock and Mechanism only – AUD $675

(all prices include mid handle mounts)