The Proof

Travis Corken

I’ve known Peter Kesby for some quite time now as I started spearfishing back in early 2000. It seems that once I started exploring what was beneath the waterline my addiction for spearfishing now takes up most of my life. In the early days I had always heard about KES Spearguns as most of the divers around the Mid North Coast were using them.

It was a couple of years before I met Pete and by what I was hearing around the diving community, Kes was a legend in spearfishing and building something unique that a spearfisherman requires, a speargun.

I purchased my first ever Kes gun back in 2002. It was a standard 1300 and the advice Kes gave me, it was the most universal gun that he was offering as a new spearo. The gun offered 2 x 16mm band running a 8 mm shaft. This gun could do anything from chasing fish down the easteries, to diving headlands chasing fish such as jewfish or simply set up for blue water hunting.

After years of hunting the fish around my home town of Port Macquarie led me to travelling overseas in pursuit of larger pelagic fish. I made the phone call to Kes back in 2009 after a trip to Fiji and after what I saw in the deep currents a bigger gun was now needed. This led me to working with Kes in spearguns design branching out and experimenting with the larger tuna guns.

Pete is honest and provides experience feed back to his customers with his spearguns. Pete is also the only sole-worker in his shed giving you a gun that is cared for from start to finish. Using the finest timbers grown here in Australia, Kes spearguns are well known for their strength and reliability.

I have multiple Kes guns now ranging from a standard 1100 through to 1500 mid-handle to some of the biggest blue water weapons available.

These guns share so many great memories growing up spearfishing with my mates around home and chasing the larger pelagic fish overseas! Im looking forward to one day handing them down through family generations.

Andre Rerekura

I have known Pete for many years now and enjoy catching up with him. He has so much experience and knowledge in spear fishing and gun building that sometimes you get lost in conversation and don’t realise the hours that have past.

I have been looking forward to getting a Tuna gun made from him. It’s a 1600 enclosed track, built to take a 9mm shaft with 6 x 16mm Bands. The gun’s laminated once for strength with red mahogany. The dense mahogany gives the tuna gun a perfect power to weight ratio. With the gun loaded up with multiple rubbers you need the weight to counteract the re-coil.

Pete’s craftsmanship is floorless giving the gun a Tassie oak strip down the centre which encased the enclosed track, giving that natural timber look that KES guns are well known for. I was once again impressed by his ability to produce such a gun like this and couldn’t wait to land a good fish with it.

He puts so much time and effort into his custom guns, they will hold up in all conditions and it will be something that I will have for life.

Sean Lieppman

I have been shooting KES guns for several years now, and i am thoroughly impressed with their performance, functionality and simplicity. The ‘ROAM series’ bye Travis Corken are my ‘go to’ choice for chasing large pelagic species. For inshore diving, the KES reel gun has served me very well. Both guns are well-balanced and dead accurate. Whether chasing yellowfin and pargo through Central America or Dogtooth Tuna in the South Pacific, I know that I can count on a KES gun to get the job done.

Quinn Smith

When Trav contacted me about doing a blurb for Kes spearguns I had no hesitation in telling him I would love to. I have used Kes guns for around 10 years now and let me start by saying they are brilliant! I will admit I mainly use them for Blue water spearfishing, chasing Dogtooth Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and more, but when I use my Kes I can be sure I am using the right weapon. Not only are they extremely well made but also extremely accurate. I have been lucky enough to land some nice fish over the years and having my Kes has made life so much easier.

Jaga Crossingham

My name is Jaga Crossingham I’ve been freediving and running spearfishing charters around fiji for the past 10 years. I have never had the opportunity to meet Peter Kesby though i feel like I know him through the 10 years of being involved with his custom line of KES spearguns!
My first experience with KES guns was back in 2006 when I watched a friend of mine bomb dive on a medium sized Dogtooth Tuna using a 1.2m double rubbered Jew gun. He took a super long shot and nailed that fish solid! That’s when I started looking into these Awesome guns I’d heard so much about.

Running a spearfishing charter business in some of the most sort after waters in the world I’m fortunate enough to meet exceptional divers from all around the globe and see a real array of quality bluewater guns, gear and the different techniques used to hunt all sorts of monster fish!
In my opinion if you’re looking for a top quality custom bluewater gun that is up to any task and can be made entirely to suit you!! then look no further you can’t go past one of KES spearguns. The craftsmanship, passion and quality of each build will leave you with a piece that will exceed your expectations every time.

They’ve never let us down!!